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I develop results-driven social media strategies for companies that are ready to dive in head first and make their mark in the realm of social media. Based on your marketing goals, I will identify the most relevant social media platforms, research your competitors and audience, assess potential tactics, and build a social roadmap using my tried-and-true process. You will have a written plan that clearly lays out the steps to take to achieve your social media goals.

The written plan will contain the following:

  • Social media objectives
  • Audience profile
  • Social media voice (includes but is not limited to: tone, persona, language style, purpose of the voice)
  • High level strategies
  • Channel-specific tactics (includes but is not limited to: posting frequencies, types of content to share, KPIs, and tactics that boost follower count and engagement)
  • Advice on social listening & social monitoring
  • A template for tracking & measuring social media performance

Getting started

Please provide detailed information about your business, your customers and your social media goals.